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Why Youdeng Automatic Facial Tissue Making Machine

Algeria client Mr. Papo Mahdi purchased 3 production lines of household paper related products from we Youdeng last month, one of these 3 production lines is automatic facial tissue making machine.

From Mr. Papo Mahdi establishing contact with us to Mr. Papo Mahdi purchasing 3 production lines, the whole process is a process of mutual trust accumulation.

Mr. Papo Mahdi is a project manager. Before contacting us, he did not know anything about the facial tissue production line.

In order to assist Mr. Papo Mahdi to understand the facial tissue production line as soon as possible, our Youdeng sales always answer Mr. Papo Mahdi’s questions in a timely manner.

First of all, our Youdeng sales team made a detailed facial tissue making flow chart for Mr. Papo Mahdi, so that Mr. Papo Mahdi can have a basic understanding of the facial tissue production process.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

After a basic understanding of the facial tissue production process, we introduced these related machines to Mr. Papo Mahdi one by one.

The first is the facial tissue folding machine.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

The facial tissue machine is the so-called facial tissue folding machine.

As for the box draws and soft draws we usually mention, they are distinguished according to the different packaging methods.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Box draws

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Soft draws

Generally, those packed in boxes are called box-draw facial tissue; those packed in plastic bags are called soft-draw facial tissue.

Regardless of box draws or soft draws, the facial tissues inside are both processed by a facial tissue folding machine.

The mother roll facial tissue is placed on the unwind stand by hoisting device, and each unwind stand is equipped with an independent motor to drive the web to move forward;

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

During the web forwarding process, it is firstly embossed by edge embossing unit;

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Pattern embossing station

Let the web pass through the pattern embossing station before entering the edge embossing unit, and the embossing pattern can also be customized according to your requirements.

After the semi-finished facial tissue is produced by the facial tissue folding machine, it needs to be cut by a log saw cutting machine.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Log saw cutting machine

Jota facial tissue log saw cutting machine is equipped with a servo system, which can cut semi-finished facial tissues with length 400-2000mm, width 90-120mm, height 10-120mm (other sizes can be customized)

The cutting length range is 80-250mm, and the maximum cutting speed can reach 180 cuts/min.

The log saw blades above the conveying channel is responsible for cutting semi-finished facial tissues.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Log saw blade

The cut surface's verticality tolerance is ±1mm, and the cut surface's length tolerance is also ±1mm, which can ensure the cutting quality to the greatest extent, and improve the finished tissue paper’s flatness and beauty.

The log saw blades are equipped with an automatic lubrication and sharpening system, which can automatically sharpen the blade according to the different cutting time;

At the same time, the sharpening and lubrication time can be adjusted through the touch screen.

Jota facial tissue log saw cutter can be equipped with single-channel and dual-channel, and each channel can be equipped with an independent servo motor.

In order to ensure more accurate cutting of 180 times per minute, Jota facial tissue log saw cutter is also introduced a photoelectric sensor for edge position control, which can effectively correct edge deviation.

Because Jota facial tissue log saw cutter introduces touch screen control, the facial tissue paper length can be preset on the touch screen.

The control accuracy can reach 0.1mm, and the adjustable cutting length range is 80-250mm (when the cutting length is greater than 180mm, the cutting speed will decrease).

In order to realize the function of our Jota facial tissue log saw cutting machine, of course, the servo drive unit and frequency inverter are essential.

The most important thing is that the machine is equipped with advanced PLC to receive and send various commands, to ensure the continuous machine operation in an orderly manner.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

After log saw cutting, the semi-finished facial tissues are converted into finished facial tissues, and then the packaging process is about to begin.

The stacked finished facial tissues come out of the log saw cutter and usually enter the individual packaging conveyor belt first.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

If the log saw cutter is connected to a fully automatic facial tissue folding machine, the stacked facial tissue will automatically enter the conveyor belt of the individual packing machine;

If the log saw cutter is connected to a semi-automatic facial tissue folding machine, the operator needs to put the stacked finished facial tissues on the transfer line of the individual packing machine.

The finished facial tissues are first flattened by a flattening station, and then sorted out, and then pushed to the nylon pushrod.

Stacks of finished facial tissues line up in front of the nylon pushrod and wait to be pushed to the support plate.

The finished facial tissue is lifted up by the cylinder on the paper support plate to the packaging pushrod and then pushed into the packaging station by the packaging pushrod.

The vertical sealing is performed first, and the upper and lower film guides are coordinated to complete, and then go through the moving film guide, fold the film up and down, and side iron, and finally complete the individual packing.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

The specific process can refer to the following video.

The control panel of the Jota individual facial tissue packaging machine was developed by ourselves.

The operating speed is very stable, and there will be no abnormal vibration, noise, and temperature surge during the operation.

There is a 2m buffer conveyor belt that can store the facial tissue into the machine, the paper contact part is made of stainless steel (toilet paper feeding conveyor belt material is food grade PU).

The wrapping film feeding is controlled by the servo motor and the control board, pattern area is precisely positioned.

The feeding conveyor is equipped with a tapping device to make the packaging effect smooth.

The film cutting is controlled by a rotary spring cutting machine with a servo motor.

If there is no facial tissue paper, the machine will not pull out the film, and the rotary spring cutter will not cut, which can extend the cutter life.

The machine can detect facial tissues that are too long or too short to prevent overload protection, so as to avoid damage to the host cam brake and folder.

The machine is equipped with 3 film guides and 5 tissue paper conveyors to ensure that there are no empty bags and no facial tissue paper jams during the production process, thus improving the production efficiency of the machine.

The seal is very neat and there is no folding failure.

The main motor has reverse rotation control, and the speed can be changed freely.

Operation faults and problems will be displayed on the HMI, and you can check them in time.

The double-head bag packing machine is connected to an individual facial tissue packing machine.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Such a machine only needs one operator to carry out the bagging work in front of the machine.

After the bagging is completed, press the manual button and the machine will automatically bag the soft-draw facial tissue, automatically fold, automatically cut, and seal.

This machine adopts PLC control, speed, temperature, and packaging size are adjustable;

Automatic bagging, automatic folding, automatic sealing, and the sealing cut adopts double temperature control and is formed by the machine.

The sealing effect is beautiful and square.

The machine is easy to operate and can save labor more effectively.

If you have a plan to purchase a facial tissue machine, please feel free to send us an inquiry on this website, we will reply to you in detail as soon as possible.


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