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Why Youdeng Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker

Mr. George, a Paraguay customer, ordered a fully automatic toilet paper maker, a Kitchen paper production line, a facial tissue paper production line from we Youdeng last month.

We built a connection with Mr. George when our Youdeng sales did visitor marketing. At that time, George focused on the paper roll to sheet cutting machine.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

George and our Youdeng sales talked a lot about the paper sheet cutter machine, we established initial trust, and we also have a basic understanding of Mr. George.

We know that he has been in Liuzhou for many years, he likes China and travels, he has been to Suzhou and thinks Liuzhou is beautiful.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Beautiful Suzhou Graden

Mr. George is now a project manager, and he has many production line projects that need to be implemented.

He asks us, what production lines Youdeng can provide?

Our Youdeng sales tell Mr. George that we can provide paper cup machines and fully automatic toilet paper makers.

So Mr. George discussed with our Youdeng sales about the paper cup making machine and toilet paper production line.

Mr. George felt that the paper cup machine price was high, so he avoided talking about the paper glass machine project and turned to the toilet paper machine.

In order to show Mr. George our Youdeng’s professionalism through the toilet paper making machine, our Youdeng sales spent several hours working toilet paper production flow charts, specs sheet, project book, demo videos, etc. for George.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Plus the price also meets Mr. George’s requirements, Mr. George decided to purchase Youdeng’s machine for tissue paper.

Based on the trust established in the tissue paper making machine’s discussion, Mr. George directly gave his target price for the paper glass making machine and the facial tissue making machine.

After calculating, Mr. George’s target price was within an acceptable range, and his orders for the automatic paper cup machine and the facial tissue machine were finalized.

In this way, the Paraguay client Mr. George decided to order 3 paper product manufacturing lines from our Youdeng.

He told us he will come to China for machine inspection, and he is happy that Youdeng is located in Liuzhou, a city only 150 kilometers away from Guilin.

Then we can guide him to visit beautiful Guilin again and enjoy delicious Guangxi cuisine.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Guangxi Cuisine

Thanks to Mr. George for trusting us, we will do our best to ensure 3 production lines’ quality and deliver them to him timely.

Regarding Youdeng’s fully automatic toilet roll production line, as shown in the above flow chart, it consists of toilet paper rewinding machine, band saw cutting machine, finished roll packing machine, etc.

In order to better understand our Youdeng automatic toilet paper production line, let’s refer to the following video to introduce toilet paper rewinding machine, band saw cutter machine, and paper roll packaging machine in detail.

The main task of our Youdeng toilet paper rewinding machine is to produce semi-finished toilet paper rolls.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Semi-finished Toilet Paper Rolls

The working process of toilet paper rewinder is:

· unwinding

· web feeding

· perforating

· edge embossing

· semi-finished roll pushing out

· new paper core feeding

· tail cutting and sealing

· lay-on roller pressing new core

· semi-finished roll ejecting

Many customers also require embossing toilet paper.

We Youdeng specially designed optional embossing unit for such customers, embossing unit can be integrated into Youdeng’s fully automatic toilet paper maker.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Independent Embossing Unit

The side plate of embossing unit is made of 41mm thickness steel, the plate is precisely processed by the CNC machining center;

The embossing unit is equipped with a 240mm diameter steel pattern roller and Nitrile rubber roller.

The steel roller embosses the rubber roller for embossing pattern on toilet paper.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Steel pattern roller and Nitrile rubber roller

The steel pattern roller’s pressure control is pneumatic, effective width is up to 2200mm.

The embossing unit adopts is driven by independent motor, speed ratio adjustment is finished on HMI interface, ensures that embossed toilet paper is synchronized with the master motor.

Our Youdeng independent embossing unit can also provide a variety of patterns for your choice.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Embossing patterns for choice (customizable)

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Embossing effect

The semi-finished toilet paper roll first passes through the semi-finished roll storage rack, and then is cut by the band saw paper roll cutter, finished toilet paper rolls are produced after cutting.

The Youdeng band saw cutting machine can simultaneously cut toilet paper rolls in the diameter range of 80mm-260mm.

The standard fixture is 180mm-260mm, and additional fixtures of 120mm-180mm and 80mm-140mm can be provided.

The maximum cutting speed is 60 cuts/min.

In terms of functions, the Youdeng band saw cutter has unique functions such as:

· Automatic half-finished roll feeding + storage trough

· Fully automatic electric/air knife sharpener + vacuum cleaning

· Quick specifications change and sand wheel angle adjustment

· Quick pneumatic and hydraulic blades exchange

All the above functions can finally lead to a better band saw cutting effect and high cutting efficiency.

Finished toilet paper rolls are transported by conveyor belts to the packaging machine.

Speaking of toilet paper roll packaging machines, some large-width, large-diameter finished toilet paper rolls are individually packaged and sold.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Jumbo Toilet Roll

This kind of finished toilet paper roll is called jumbo toilet roll and is commonly found in public toilets.

The packaging of jumbo toilet roll is completed by the heat shrink film packaging machine in the picture below;

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

There are also some small-width, small-diameter finished toilet paper rolls that are sold in multi-roll packaging.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Toilet Paper Rolls Pack

This kind of toilet paper roll pack is completed by the multi-roll wrapper shown in the following video.

Through the above text, you have a general understanding of the toilet paper roll’s manufacturing process, many other details about the toilet paper making machine are still waiting for you to discover.

You are welcome to send us an inquiry on this website, we will explain to you in more detail, understand your real needs, and develop the most suitable solution for you.


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