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A Guide To Toilet Paper Roll Machine

Oct. 27, 2021

Toilet Paper Roll Machine

The quality of toilet paper is not only related to the quality of the paper but also has a great relationship with the toilet paper processing equipment. A good toilet paper roll machine will produce toilet paper that not only has a good feel but also has a much finer texture after the original paper is squeezed by the machine. And the glue spraying effect is good to leave the right edge of the paper, easy to use.


Why do you need a toilet paper roll machine?

Toilet paper, mainly for people's daily hygiene, is an inseparable sanitary ware in people's daily life. In order to make toilet paper soft, mechanical methods are usually used to make paper wrinkles to increase the softness of toilet paper. There are many raw materials used in the manufacture of toilet paper, including cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, and other natural, non-polluting raw materials. Good quality toilet paper is made from virgin wood pulp. Virgin wood pulp is the pulp made by steaming wood chips to extract fibers, which has a light smell and a pure fragrance from wood. The resulting paper is generally beige in color, healthy and natural. Virgin wood pulp is extracted entirely from wood, and a large amount of wood is wasted by making toilet paper from virgin wood pulp.

In the face of the increasing demand for toilet paper, many supermarkets of all sizes have a variety of toilet paper for people to purchase. Then the demand for toilet paper machines has also risen. Many manufacturers of toilet paper are also buying toilet paper machines to put into production.


The process of toilet paper roll machine

A large roll of toilet paper is rolled into certain width and installed on the processing machine. The paper web is wound with a small diameter core tube of length equal to the width of the large roll. After winding a certain length of paper, the paper is cut off and the end of the paper is bonded, which completes the production of a small paper roll with a length equal to the width of the large paper roll. The small paper rolls are then slit. The rotary cutter cuts the small rolls into products with core toilet paper specifications commonly found in the market, and after a later process such as packaging, the rolls are brought to the market. When manufacturing multi-layer toilet paper rolls, several large rolls are wound together on a small diameter core tube. The production process of multi-layer toilet paper requires the consumption of large amounts of pulp. The process requires the cutting of a large amount of non-renewable resources such as trees, which can lead to a waste of resources.


How to choose a toilet paper roll machine?

The degree of automation of the toilet paper machine: the higher the degree of automation of the toilet paper machine, the more intelligent it is better.

Toilet paper machine material thickness: toilet paper machine using thicker steel to be able to improve the life of the toilet paper machine at the same time reduce its vibration amplitude in operation.

The operator's proficiency: the higher the proficiency of the workers in the installation of the paper machine the smaller the gaps in the assembled toilet paper machine, the longer the service life.

The degree of automatic conversion of the core of the toilet paper machine: whether the toilet paper machine can achieve automatic conversion with or without the core, to achieve the dual use of the toilet paper machine.


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