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Is the napkin machine the same machine as the paper pump

Mar. 29, 2021

Every city is a lot of scenic spots, take scenic spots for example, catering industry one after another, business is also hot. The life paper industry behind it is also exceptionally good.

 Napkin as a clean paper after meals, different areas may be called different. About each area napkin is divided into a piece of paper, and is the extraction type. More prepared is a piece of napkin, and the extraction type is to draw paper. Equipment used: napkin is napkin machine, and paper pumping is paper pumping machine.

napkin machine

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Facial tissue machine

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Life paper is a big consumption, whether it is toilet paper, or napkin paper. Napkin investment small, profit can also be. Pumping paper as a big profit paper products, its sales are also very good in all aspects. But pumping paper processing is more appropriate, napkin is everyone to add small equipment, and toilet paper or pumping paper processing together to do.

A daily paper processing plant, the bigger the better, 100-200 square meters, the site is appropriate on the first floor, processing, storage of raw materials and finished paper is more convenient.

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