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Know about Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine

Oct. 13, 2021

Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine

Facial tissue paper making machine is the most common kind of boxed tissue machinery and equipment. It is the processing of the slit tray paper into interactive folding into facial tissue. After loading the box, it becomes a draw type boxed tissue machine, when using one after another from the box, convenient and trouble-free. The boxed facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorption and automatic counting and folding device, which has the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity, and is the advanced equipment for boxed facial tissue production.


The working principle of tissue paper slitting

Tissue paper machine slitting system.

It is composed of saw belt, belt wheel and working plate, and there is a product size adjustment device on the working plate to make the product adjustable.

Folding: With the operation of the main motor, the folding robot's crank arm rod mechanism is coordinated to produce, deflection angle, adjustable position of the crank arm and change the length of the connecting rod for adjustment (after folding and forming a solid, that is, no adjustment).

Counting and folding: adjust the budget number of the counting controller, when the number reaches a fixed value, the relay drives the cylinder to produce the displacement of the finished export table plate.

The technical principle of the boxed draw type facial tissues machine

1、Adopt the technology of vacuum adsorption and automatic counting, so that the speed is fast and the quantity is accurate.

2、Using the raw material of slit and cut tray paper technology, so that it is processed to fold into facial tissues interactively, which is convenient to draw out one by one from the box when using.

Embossed facial tissue machine

The embossed facial tissue machine is to emboss, fold, count and slit the slit tray paper so that it becomes napkins with clear, neat and beautiful patterns. The whole processing is finished by this machine at one time. The machine has high automation, good quality, fast speed and high efficiency, which is a more ideal special equipment for the later processing of toilet paper.


Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine

Features of facial tissue machine

The tissue paper machine is of top quality, with unwinding tension control, which can adapt to the production of high and low tension raw paper. It can roll the pattern on the paper surface, and the pattern is obvious and clear. Tissue machine adopts stepless speed regulation, conveying, embossing and counter-flowering; vacuum folding and cutting. In addition, the pumping type tissue paper machine also adopts spiral knife body shearing, vacuum suction command folding. Automatic counting and dividing whole column output. Stepless speed adjustment for unwinding, adapt to different tension of original paper. Electric control pneumatic, easy to operate. Tissue paper machine can be equipped with paper surface rolling pattern device, the pattern is obvious.


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