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Let's take a look at the knowledge of the toilet paper machine

Mar. 30, 2021

According to the different types of toilet paper, toilet paper machine can be divided into roll toilet paper processing equipment and block toilet paper processing equipment..

Toilet paper machine mainly includes: toilet paper rewinding machine, band saw paper cutting machine, sealing machine, toilet paper processing process is as follows: toilet paper through the rewinding machine rewinding to grow strips of paper, and then through the band saw paper cutting machine cut into small rolls, and finally manual bag sealing can be.

General machine models are divided according to the width of processing base paper.General models include 1092,1575,1760,1880,2100,2400,2800, etc., which are mostly 1575 type machines. The maximum width of the machine can process base paper is 1.8 meters, and there is no special requirement. The same type of the function of the machine according to their own belt, is divided into a lot of kinds, the most commonly used classification method is: semi-automatic health paper machine and automatic health paper machine, the primary difference between them is: semi-automatic health paper machine equipped with the function of the less, no computer program control, only can do the toilet paper and paper tube with core, can't do without core of toilet paper, finished paper limited; Automatic tissue paper makes up the defect of the semi-automatic machine, the machine has a computer program control, can be a core, no core, paper tube, toilet paper, product diversification, is fully automatic health paper machine widely popular one important reason, automatic toilet paper machine can also be installed with many additional features, such as: automatic spray adhesive left tail, pump shaft automatically, automatic flattening, pneumatic on paper, single embossing, double embossing, remote control, and other functions, these functions are made according to the customer's requirements.

The function of the machine itself is not the same, the price is not the same, according to their actual situation to choose the right machine, suitable for their own is good. You can continue to pay attention to our website, or contact us, we will be dedicated to serve you!

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