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Napkin Machine: How Important is the Quality of Napkins?

Dec. 29, 2021

Napkin Machine: How Important is the Quality of Napkins?


The quality of napkins affects the impression of the restaurant


In today's world, when we go out to eat, there are bound to be napkins on the table, whether it's a big hotel or a small restaurant. For many owners, napkins are their cost. The more customers use, the higher the cost. Thus, there are fee napkins, packaged by the box.


Of course, there is another phenomenon, that is, most of the small restaurant napkins do not charge, but customers use more, it will increase the cost, how to do? So it gave rise to a new approach, which is to reduce the quality of napkins. There are many places, we go to eat, a look at the table to put this packet of toilet paper that is not necessarily used in the toilet, will instantly pull down the impression of the restaurant.


That is to say, your other things are very good, but because your napkins are not upscale so that customers mistakenly think that all your things are not worth it. This will mislead the consumer, the impact on the business is too huge.


They use napkins to create a good image


At the same time, I do not know if you have noticed, the vast majority of the world's fast-food restaurant chains, napkins are not charged. For example, KFC, McDonald's, etc., rarely ask customers for napkin money, and more interestingly, they not only will not charge, and the napkin made very textured, never the kind of paper often seen in the bathroom. Then we have to think, why do they want to do so? I think the core question is to understand why we feel that these world chains, their food is not healthy enough, but is perceived as clean.


How this clean brand image is built up. It is shaped by this kind of little behavior. The same is true of hotel slippers, for example. To judge whether a store is high-end or a lot, it is more important to look at the grade of the slippers in the hotel room. If the grade is low, it will pull down the grade. If the grade is high, it will directly enhance customer perception.


Therefore, the core of service is to shape a good experience for customers, and the prerequisite for this experience is to be perceived by customers. We are a napkin machine supplier. To reduce costs and get high-quality napkins, a good choice is to get a napkin machine. If you need them, please contact us for a quote!

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