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Napkin machine refers to three different devices for folding paper towels

Mar. 30, 2021

Good morning, dear friends, a beautiful new day begins again! Napkin machine is to cut the coiled paper by embossing, folding, cut into squares or long paper towels. Next, by Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction to the paper napkin machine and its related knowledge points.

In fact, napkin machine refers to three different kinds of paper towel folding machine: money clip machine, handkerchief paper machine, napkin machine. Clip and napkin machines can be done by replacing the folding plate, but the handkerchief machine must be a different device than other paper towel machines. Napkin machine is simple to operate, easy to use, high production efficiency.

Maintenance of napkin machine:

Maintenance of the main content, according to the use of napkin machine on the demarcation of the list. Shift maintenance, also known as daily maintenance. In order to maintain the technical condition of paper making machinery, paper processing machinery should be maintained before and after homework every day. That is, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment, replacement, fastening and so on. Regular maintenance, namely technical maintenance and technical inspection. A napkin machine work 200 ︿ after 500 hours, maintenance and inspection is required. The detailed practice is to clean, check, lubricate, adjust, tighten and repair the napkin machinery. Repair or replace damaged or worn parts and then reassemble them.

Good machines can bring good effects, good start from good habits, to the maintenance of equipment! About the paper napkin machine related knowledge points to introduce to you here, I hope the above content can be helpful to you, thank you for watching and support, welcome to cooperate with us.

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