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Now do toilet paper processing to choose which type of rewinding machine is more appropriate

Mar. 30, 2021

We must all be familiar with the paper, is the most common roll of paper in our daily life. The toilet paper that the family uses has roll paper and take out paper commonly in the majority, nevertheless most still is toilet paper roll paper. Roll paper is more convenient to use, and the paper is soft, favored by the majority of consumers.

  Its consumption is also quite large, generally a one-time purchase several. So how to process the roll paper for home use, I think there are not many people can say clearly. As far as we know, processing roll paper needs a set of toilet paper processing equipment, perhaps some people will ask this set of equipment can produce roll paper? How much is this set of toilet paper processing equipment?

  In life, we see there are two kinds of roll paper, one is with a core, one is not with a core, are completed by toilet paper processing equipment. The production cost of toilet paper roll is relatively low. The weight of toilet paper on the market is about 1kg, and the cost is about ¥6.

In shopping malls, the price of toilet paper is around ¥12. If the toilet paper processing plant is wholesale, it may not make a lot of money. If it is directly supplied to supermarkets and shopping malls, it will make more profits. However, no matter what method of sales is, as long as the sales volume is large, the profits are considerable.

The Toilet paper roll machine  is one of the machines in the toilet paper processing equipment. It is a professional equipment for the production of toilet paper. It plays an important role in the toilet paper processing process. The quality of the toilet paper rewinder determines whether the finished toilet paper is qualified.

In the process of toilet paper processing, there are also paper cutters and sealing machines that cooperate with the production of toilet paper rewinders. The working process of toilet paper processing is based on large shaft paper as raw material. The toilet paper rewinder performs automatic feeding, rewinding, perforating, trimming, and rewinding into long strips after spraying, and cutting by band saw cutting machine. After filling the bag manually, it will be sealed by a water-cooled sealing machine.

Although the paper cutter and sealing machine are not the main function in the toilet paper processing process, they are also indispensable. Generally, when purchasing a toilet paper rewinder, they are purchased as a complete set. Before choosing a toilet paper rewinder, we need to see how big our processing site is, so as not to run out of space after buying it back.

The site also needs to fit toilet paper raw materials and finished products, and there is enough space around the machine for the operator to move around. Generally, entrepreneurs who are just entering the industry start from a small scale. The toilet paper rewinder used can choose a small model, that is, the 1880 toilet paper rewinder. The preparation space is generally about 100 square meters.

We also know that this set of toilet paper processing equipment is also divided into models. The 1880 toilet paper rewinder is now the most popular equipment, of course, it is also fully automatic, so the price is higher than the previous semi-automatic rewinder, generally around 60,000, but everyone buys toilet paper rewinder You can't just look at the price of the rewinding machine, but also pay attention to the quality, brand, and after-sales service of the rewinding machine.

Liuzhou Youdeng Machinery Technology Co., LTD

These problems are related to matters after purchasing a toilet paper rewinder in the future, so it cannot be ignored. If you want to buy a set of satisfactory toilet paper processing equipment, and enjoy preferential prices and good after-sales service, then it is recommended that you visit more on the spot. Take a look at several companies, compare them, and make a decision after comprehensive consideration.

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