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Pillow Small Bag Packing Machine: Rigid Packaging Vs Flexible Packaging

Nov. 25, 2021

Pillow Small Bag Packing Machine


It's no secret that one of the biggest trends in the packaging industry is the shift from rigid packaging to flexible packaging using a pillow small bag packing machine.


What Is Rigid Packaging?

Rigid packaging is as its name also describes as not easily manipulated and often irreparable if the packaging yields if dropped or experiences a drastic change in temperature or pressure.


Rigid Packaging is often made of rigid plastics like high-density polyethylene or from coated metals or glass. Metal cans or rigid plastic containers are much lighter weight compared to glass jars but are still several times heavier than flexible packages from the same amount of product.


What Is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging is made up of materials that are easily manipulated - whether empty or filled. These materials, typically referred to as films, can be made from a growing variety of different substrates such as low-density plastics, papers, metals, and often combinations of the three.


Flexible packaging is very lightweight while still often very durable, able to withstand jostling and any temperature or pressure changes that come with long-distance transportation.


Why do Producers Choose Pillow Small Bag Packing?


1.  Waste reduction

Waste reduction is a top priority in most companies. It saves on cost, is better for the environment, and it has a positive impact on the economy. When it comes to sustainable packaging, the pouch stands out significantly in the area of waste reduction.


The cost savings do not end there. Waste reduction spills over into other areas when there is a transition to a pillow bag or stand-up pouch. We see this decreased waste with fuel, start-up, landfill, and space.


2. Environmentally friendly

We are becoming more aware of the environment and concerned about the impact we have on this world. We not only want to be more environmentally conscientious, but we are also increasingly required by the government to include environmentally friendly policies in our programs. Because the can is recyclable, it is a common misconception that it is the greenway to go. This is simply not the case. Waste reduction causes the pouch to be more environmentally friendly.


3. Long shelf life

So how does a pouch fare next to a can when comparing life cycle?

A common myth is that the can offers a longer shelf life than the pouch. Not true. The shelf life of food in a can is typically 2-5 years (less for some products) according to Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D. and Brandon Jahner. This is not because the food will spoil, but because the metal is more likely to transfer into the food after this date. The longest tested shelf life for packaging actually comes from a pouch. Think military MRE (Meal, Ready To Eat). This pouch has a shelf life of 8-10 years. Currently, no packaging solution is recommended for over that amount.

While metal cans are beneficial for some consumers and manufacturers, transferring from a metal container to a pouch as a solution to these important issues is not only viable, but it makes sense. And off the top of my head, I can think of a few other smaller issues it solves. The pillow bag or stand-up pouches can be microwaveable - the can can't. For those world travelers, the pouch can be duty-free but not the can.


4.  Less space occupied

Storage space is a constant issue with warehouses and manufacturing plants. Can you imagine providing this solution to your team who is stressed because lack of space prevents them from completing goals, starting on production, or ordering material they need? The consumer also benefits from this space savings. The flexibility of the pouch and lighter weight allows more of the packaged product to be stored in the desired location.



The pillow small bag packing machine we offer can provide you with all these benefits. Please feel free to contact us if you decide to ditch rigid packaging for flexible packaging!

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