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Precautions for Using Toilet Roll Making Machine

Sep. 24, 2021

Toilet Roll Making Machine

The following points should be noted during the use of the toilet roll making machine.


Precautions for safe operation of Toilet Roll Making Machine


1. Dress code. Before operation, you must wear a helmet, women's long hair should be put into the cap, do not wear skirts, slippers. Protective clothing should be worn tightly and cuffs should be fastened. Dress code, do not change clothes at the side of the moving machine, or cloths, etc., to prevent machine strangulation.

2. Each part of the paper machine should always maintain lubrication, the operator should refill lubricant once a shift, every six months by the professional mechanic on the rolling bearing parts refill lubricant once.

3. Toilet paper machine operators must be familiar with the main structure, performance and use of toilet paper machine.

4. After the production of toilet paper machine is generally 24 hours of continuous work, the staff should avoid fatigue work to prevent the issuance of safety accidents due to fatigue.

5. After work, should cut off the power supply, close the electric gate, lock the power box.

6. When adjusting the paper machine equipment, the power must be cut off, when moving the workpiece, should pay attention to the safety of the hands.

7. When operating, hand and foot movements should be coordinated, it is strictly forbidden to put hands into the pressure plate and knife mouth.

8. The workplace is forbidden to pile up the mess, to keep the paper machine equipment and workplace hygiene and tidy at all times.

9. If you find that the machine is not running properly, you should immediately cut off the power and stop the machine for inspection.


Toilet Roll Making Machine maintenance maintenance


1, toilet paper rewinding machine transmission devices such as gear chains need to add grease after a while.

2, rewinding machine generally will not be a problem, consumable parts are just some small gear, if you add a knife is easy to break, wool rolling after a year and a half will become thin, need to be shipped back to the factory refurbishment, steel wheel embossing device if you need to replace the embossing pattern, you need to ship the steel kun back to the original factory to modify it can not spend much money.

3, pay attention to the rewinding machine voltage to be stable, or easy to burn the motor; pay attention to hygiene, do not let debris fall between the steel mix and hair stick.


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