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What do you need to prepare for toilet paper roll processing

Mar. 30, 2021

Many friends who want to enter the toilet paper processing industry chat with me, they will consult how much investment in the early stage, what things need to prepare these questions. Today, I will share this knowledge with you to help you understand how much capital you need to prepare and what things you need to prepare to enter the toilet paper processing industry.

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Toilet paper processing industry investment but can small, you can choose according to oneself circumstance to the amount of investment, a set of toilet paper processing equipment 450 thousand dollars, secondly also need to prepare some raw materials to production and processing, now the price of raw materials, a ton of basic in six thousand to seven thousand yuan, if the flush with cash can buy in bulk, so the price of raw materials is better than less freight every time a small amount of purchase. Packaging bag is also essential, the price of the packaging bag is basically 17 yuan per kilogram, there are large and small, we can according to the local situation, to choose the right packaging bag.

The equipment does not require very high site, which can be produced with one hundred square meters. If you have a site at home, you can choose to do it at home, which can also save some money. In addition, we also need to prepare three-phase electricity and air pumps. Generally, the price of an air pump is about 1,500 yuan. When these are ready, we can start processing and production.

These are the things that need to be prepared, and I hope they can be helpful to you.

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