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Facial Tissue cutting machine

This machine is suitable for automatic slitting of removable soft-pumping tissues; it can be divided into single channel and dual channel;

Product Description

Facial Tissue Cutting Machine Description

Facial Tissue Cutting Machine features

1. This machine is suitable for automatic slitting of removable soft-pumping tissues; it can be divided into single channel and dual channel;

2. Servo system accurately feeds materials, cutting paper vertical tolerance and length error ≤±1mm;

3. The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC, and the cut is smooth and beautiful; the two channels can be independently controlled;

4. Equipped with an automatic knife sharpening system, which can accurately grind the blades according to the setting and automatically feed the knife holder to achieve high productivity;

5. Using man-machine interface interactive operation, servo control cutting length, frequency conversion speed regulation;

6. Reserve the interface between processing machinery and packaging machine to form a fully automatic packaging production line;

7. According to user needs, two-channel slitting, single-channel slitting and turning conveying can be configured.

Facial Tissue Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Cutting speed40~130 cuts/min
Scope of applicationRemovable paper towel roll paper
power supply380V/50Hz
Total power7.7KW
Compressed air0.5~0.6MPa
Sharpening systemAutomatic, interval
Outer diameter of paper cutting knife610mm
Dimensions (L×W×H)6100×1500×2100mm


What Machines You Manufacture?
Our factory mainly produces the following machines:
*  Tissue paper making machine
*  Toilet paper making machine
*  Kitchen paper making machine
*  Paper napkin making machine
*  Facial tissue making machine
*  Handkerchief paper making machine
*  Tissue paper rewinding machine
*  Tissue paper folding machine
*  Tissue paper cutting machine
*  Tissue paper packing machine
*  Shrinkage packing machine;
*  Sealing packing machine

How Do I Choose The Suitable Model of Machine?
If you have been in the tissue paper processing industry and want to expand the production scale, you just need to know the output you want and choose the matching machine.
If you are a newbie and have no previous experience, you need the following steps:
* Market research (know what kind of paper is the best-selling paper in the market)
*  Find customers (you can first establish cooperative relationships with supermarkets, restaurants and other places with a large amount of paper to ensure that the products produced can be sold quickly and reduce investment risks)
*  Determine output (considering multiple factors such as your budget, estimated output, site size, etc.)
*  Determine the machine model (tell us all the considerations and we will recommend the most suitable machine for you)

How About Your Machine Quality?How to Ensure Your Machine High Quality?
Youdeng Machinery has been engaged in paper processing machinery for more than 10 years.
It is the earliest development of China, the most advanced technology and the highest quality tissue paper equipment manufacturer.
We have obtained ISO9001-2008 international quality management system, CE certification. Our machines have been sold to many countries around the world and have been recognized and praised by all customers with stable quality. Besides, our machines come with a one-year warranty

What Should I Have to Know If I Want To Get The Quotation?
What paper are you going to make? (Tissue paper?Toilet paper? Paper napkin?Kitchen paper? Facial tissue?)

Paper specifications (preferably with samples and pictures)
Desired output (daily output)

Your Machine Price Is High, Is There Any Discount?
In general, all manufacturing companies will adopt two different sales models, one is to win by price, and the other is to win by quality.
The purpose of our company is to do our best to reduce customers’ input while ensuring the quality of the machine.
We can guarantee that our price is the most reasonable among all manufacturers who can provide machines of the same quality.

According to customer feedback, they all know that the value of our machine is significantly higher than its price.

Can You Help Us with The Installation?Can Your Engineers Teach and Train Our Employees?
First of all, almost all of our equipment is fully automatic, equipped with PLC control and human-machine operation interface.The operation is very simple and requires very little labor.
In addition, we can make product installation instructions and operating instructions and video materials for you, which will help you solve installation and operation problems
Finally, if on-site installation and training is still needed, we will send engineers to the site, but you should pay them.

What Should We Do If We Want to Visit Your Factory?
Our company is located in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province of China.
If you take a plane, it is about 1 hour from Guangzhou.
We will pick you up at airport or high speed railway station.
We will show you our factory and the production site of domestic customers.
Welcome you and your team to visit our company.

What Payment Terms Are Available For Your Company?
T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), L/C(Letter of credit), BG (bank guarantee), D/P(Documents against Payment), D/A((Documents against Acceptance), Western Union and other.

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